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My name is Dane Webster and I am currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Visual Art at Virginia Tech where I teach all levels of 3d computer animation. As an artist, I'm passionate about creating worlds, building experiments within the virtual space. My newest pieces "With Delicate Risk" and "Always Uncoupled" investigate creation myths, evolution, and the simple reactive qualities of a virtual biological form. My "Organica" still images are abstracts influenced by my interpretations of the microscopic realm. Elements of this investigation are even found in my pure, escapist short films such as "Idea Development" and "Sixty Second Tragedy." While on the surface, the stories are about simple individuals confronting a problem; under the hood, as an artist I get to be an amateur scientist, building worlds within the computer, exploring the use of virtual physics, anatomy, light, and sound.

As a scholar, I investigate my own ideas about the intersection of arts and sciences. As a practitioner, I'm often working in an interdisciplinary setting, taking in the problems of groups outside of the arts. Being in this environment allows me to learn something about a range of topics that I wouldn't normally encounter functioning strictly as a scholar. That is, I help clients visualize their ideas about space, place, and function, helping them create concrete visualizations applicable to entertainment, history, science, architecture, fundraising, education, etc. My projects help students learn about history; help administrators visualize proposals for building projects; help clients create animations for games as tie-ins to products.

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