I am, and I think will always be, on a learning curve with the application I use in my creative work. I look to that constant need to learn as a method to keep my mind sharp as I grow older... I turned 68 in Sept 2015.

My current workflow includes:







I print my work on canvas, Giclee archieval prints on my 17"wide x 40' length Epson 4000 Pro.

For those not sure what 3D is, the building and canal at right is a 3D model before going in and texturing/painting in the colors etc. As you look at any of my work, realize that every tree, bottle, person, building... every object is modeled like this Flemish building. Having the model now means I can look at it from different views.

To better give you an idea... click on the arrow at the far bottom left side of the image. The building and canal will move and one can just imagine a complete 15th century street scene with other buildings, people, children and live stock... the daily life of the times.

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